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Girls like girls get over it.
Anonymous: me and my ex are trying to be friends but every now and then we get into little arguments when I get jealous of her friends or she gets jealous of mine and it's always about how it's not fair for each other to make such a big deal but recently we got into a little argument and we didn't talk for a couple days but she texted me again an said she was sorry and that she was trying to get over me she broke up with me so what's there to get over? how can we be friends if were both just jealous

Well keep in mind that hardly any exes manage to stay friends. There will always or at least for a very long time be some feelings of jealousy because it’s hard to just let someone go and see how they give the attention they once all gave to you give to someone else.

Anonymous: Hi there! I know you probably get these a lot but I just started a lesbian blog and it is: lesbiansloveandmoree I know this is anonymous but that's because my lesbian blog is my secondary blog and I can't ask questions through there but anyway I just started this blog and I am here to answer questions and make new friends! Thank you!

Follow them blog guys !!

Anonymous: What do you think about girls who smoke? Like if your gf would smoke?

I’d rather have someone who doesn’t but I would be fine with it. Depends on what she smokes though and how often.

Anonymous: You are so perfect...

Aww why thank you so much but I’m nooooowhere near that!

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3 years ago we shared our first kiss <3 We have been through our share of ups and downs, but they seem to always make us stronger. Our lives are not perfect…but we always have each other to come running to. You make my life worth living. I love you with all of my being babe, your my end and my beginning <333
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