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Girls like girls get over it.
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Anonymous: How do u pronounce your name?

In a way that’s hard to explain by typing it down. It sounds a bit like Mariah (Carey). Like, Mar-EYE-yuh (stressing the ‘eye’). If you pronounce that quickly I think you’re doing a pretty decent job. ;)

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Anonymous: Describe yourself in 3 words.

Ooh! Umm… Understanding, lazy, thinker.

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vashrine: FOR THAT ANON. i liked my best friend for a really long time and i didn't necessarily tell her flat out but I hinted at it for a long time and over a couple of years things kind of just happened and developed. She considered herself straight but i've been dating her for two years now. I think it just really depends on the person and your relationship. don't give up but try to understand what she want and would be happiest with too.


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thats how you relationship